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Precision and Global Vascular Brain Health Institute (VBHI), directed by Stéphanie Debette, Professor at the University of Bordeaux and Bordeaux University Hospital and Director of the Bordeaux Population Health research centre (Inserm - University of Bordeaux), is one of the awardees of the national IHU3 programme under the France 2030 investment plan, the results of which were announced on 16 May 2023 by the French President.

This highly competitive national IHU framework recognises projects that bring together teams with an international reputation for excellence in research, accelerating their development for the benefit of innovation in healthcare, right through to patients, with an initial financial endowment.
The founders of this new institute include: the University of Bordeaux, the Bordeaux University Hospital, Inserm, Inria
and the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region.

A centre of excellence to fight against vascular brain diseases

The IHU ambition is to develop in Bordeaux a centre of excellence entirely dedicated to vascular brain health, being a pioneer in the fight against the most common neurological diseases: stroke and dementia.

Stroke is the 2nd leading cause of death in the world, affecting 100 million people, while dementia currently affects 57 million (a figure that could triple by 2050). By bringing together world-renowned researchers, clinicians and industrial partners in a cutting-edge facility, this new IHU aims to establish a new paradigm for preventing stroke and dementia on a local and global scale, and promoting good brain ageing. Located at the crossroads of various centres of research excellence on the Bordeaux site (public health, neurosciences, cardiovascular research), the VBHI IHU will also help to advance fundamental knowledge in each of these fields, including through the development of new scientific practices based on the use of artificial intelligence. The international jury recognised the expertise of Bordeaux's university hospital cluster in meeting this ambition, and the major impact that its development programme (research, innovation, prevention, training, care) can have both on improving prevention and care for patients and populations, and for industry through technology transfer, as well as helping to design new public policies to reduce inequalities.

The mission of the IHU

Precision public health approaches that take into account the heterogeneity of individuals and their living conditions.

Scientific research aimed at elucidating the complex mechanisms of cerebrovascular disease in order to propose and test personalised preventive and therapeutic developments.

Organisational and conceptual innovations will be deployed to reduce health inequalities in France and worldwide.

New and ambitious training opportunities anchored in an already rich pool of teaching in public health, data science and neuroscience.

An ambitious project that needs your support

Ranked first in the national competition call, The VBHI IHU on precision cerebrovascular health has been awarded €40 million over 10 years by the France 2030 plan.
The cost of our highly ambitious programme was estimated at €50 million.

You can help make cutting-edge research into the prevention of cerebrovascular disease possible in Bordeaux

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